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How much do we charge and how long will it take to clean the your house?

> first, we do a FREE estimate by visiting your house for an assessment. It will usually take about 15-20 minutes. We ask you what are the things you wanted to be done and prioritize. Hours may vary on how many bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, if you have pets.

> our first visit visit will be a DEEP CLEANING unless the house is well maintained and usually takes longer than the regular expected hours. Our next visit will take lesser compared to the first visit.

How many workers will come to your house?

> we normally send a pair, 2 people to clean your house depends on how big is the job and the house.

Are the workers bonded and insured?

> yes, all of our workers are Fully Covered, Insured and Bonded.

Are the workers undergone a Criminal Record Check?

> absolutely yes. All of them undergone a Criminal Record Check.

How do you keep our Information and Keys safe?

> we do protect your privacy and keys that is why we keep it in a safety vault and only the owners has an access to it.

>keys are only handed to the workers and handed back to the owners after their visit to your house. We don't label your keys with your address and name instead, the owners use a code.

Do we bring our own Products and Materials?

> yes, we provide everything and we are proud to say that we use green products which is safe for you and the environment because we just don't simply Clean, we also Care to the environment. However, if you wish to use your own supply we can do that too. just let us know.

Mode of Payment?

> we accept Cheque, Cash or Direct Deposit. 

Can I give a tip?

Sure you can. Just make sure to write tip at the back of the envelop for the workers.

Can I stay in my house while they are cleaning it?

> yes, you can if you wish too..

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